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Rajgir hotels provide standardization on 30 measures in each room including free wifi and breakfast, flatscreen TVs, spotless white bed linen and so on.


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Rajgir is a place of historic importance situated in the state of Bihar. It is in the district of Nalanda. Besides being a historical location, Rajgir stands as a religious place for both Buddhism and Jainism, as this region is said to be related to both Gautama Buddha and Mahavir. Rajgir was known for its royal importance during the earlier times.

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Rajgir Hotel is the personal room service that allows guests staying at an rajgir to order room service directly from their.

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All the professionals at Hotel rajgir are masters of their trade and each brings with him/her a unique set of experience adding value to the traveller’s overall experience of the country.

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Customer satisfaction quality services is the prime motto of JCR Travel Services The company has always provided the best quality in terms of service to its customers.

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