Weather of Bihar

Weather Information

The trips in Bihar can be planned in any of the four seasons – Winter, Summer, Monsoon and Post Monsoon. As none of the seasons are very extreme the places can be enjoyable if planned discreetly.

Winter (November to Mid March)

Winter is the most pleasant season for planning a trip to Bihar. As it is not very severe winter (4⁰ to 10⁰) and a bright sun keeping the days warm lots of festivals are organised during this season.

Summer (May to mid June)

Summer is hot in Bihar registering the average temperature of 43⁰. However, the frequent storms and the fresh breeze at the riverbanks at cities as well as in country sides are quite pleasant. The cultivated lands of paddy, corn and wheat fields along with abundant mango groves and rows of coconut trees offering abundant greenery and shades make the summer quite decent.

During the heavy monsoon (July to September)

During the heavy monsoon (July to September) the northern districts should be avoided from the itinerary as the region is prone to occasional floods due to the multiple rivers and nearness to the Himalayan range. The rainfall (over 1400 mm) along the Sub – Himalayan zone falling under the district West Champaran has numerous water bodies along with the rivers Gandak and Kosi and small rivulets. The southern districts are pleasant during monsoon and the rains come in short spells making it enjoyable fresh natural showers.

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